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Written by Stefan Kottwitz   
Saturday, 19 April 2014 10:08

TeX Live 2013 is now frozen, and before the release of version 2014 there is a pretest time. So while stable installations can remain untouched, interested users can already install the new TeX Live 2014 for testing it.

The current plan according to the homepage is:

  • March 16: sources committed, builds begin
  • April 17: tlnet (and TeX Live 2013) frozen, pretest starts, CTAN updates continue for the pretest version
  • May 16: complete freeze for the final build, no more updates, final documentation tweaks, testing still continues
  • June 8: delivery of final images for the TeX Collection DVD to manufacturing
  • July 1: public release, also of MacTeX
  • August: delivery of DVDs to members.

What's new? I heard that there will be a LaTeX2e update, after nearly three years. The current version of LaTeX2e is dated 2011/06/2. However, I expect only maintainance and bug fixes. New things will happen rather with LaTeX3, and on that way we will see an update of the expl3 package, which is already good news. If you wonder about small changes: the vast majority of changes in the LaTeX world happen in packages and classes, and can be continuously applied via the TeX Live Manager within the same TeX Live version. So the current change concerns only kernel and infrastructure. Furthermore, there will be new versions of underlying engines, such as pdfTeX, XeTeX, LuaTeX and MetaPost.

For further information regarding downloading and installing the pretest version, visit the pretest page.