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Written by Stefan Kottwitz   
Tuesday, 17 March 2015 15:10

Already in February, TeXdoc.net got a face lift. Today, it shines even brighter: when you start searching for a topic or a package, you get suggestions matching the characters as you type them. So, typing one, two or three letters could already show the documentation you are looking for. One click, and it shows the list of related documents. Try it!

TeXdoc is a project of Paulo Cereda and me. While I maintain the web server and the TeX installation, he contributes layout and programming for the interface.

TeXdoc runs on the dwoo PHP5 template engine. It provides an interface to the current TeX documentation. Today, it bases on TeX Live 2014 and its texdoc script. Via the server, you an access current manuals without having the newest installation or using an tablet like an iPad or a smartphone. Now, you even get auto-completion and auto-suggestions which you won't have at the command prompt.

The original motivation for TeXdoc.net was to provide a generic shortcut for web forums. By highlighting a package name, and clicking a button, you can generate a link to the package documentation. Handy while talking. It is integrated for example on LaTeX-Community.orgTeXwelt.de and goLaTeX.de by buttons and markup code but used anywhere people know the generic link syntax.

In addition, its OpenSearch feature works via the quick-search field in browsers such as Firefox.