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From the technical point of view, submitting an article to LaTeX Community is quite easy.

  • Ensure that you are logged in -- if you do not already have a username and a password, then goahead and register.
  • Editing an Article Navigate to Know How > How to write Articles > Your Articles and select the New link on the top left. You will see a screen similar to the one shown on the right.
  • Enter a meaningful title into the Article Title field.
  • Select a meaningful section and category from the dropdown list. The sections correspond to the menu items of the Know How section. The categories are shown as separators in the article lists of the specific section.
  • Enter an introduction into the editor field. The introduction will be shown in the article list of the selected section and at the beginning of your article. As the introduction is the only thing besides the article's title, other readers will see in the article list, it should describe shortly what the reader can expect from the article.
Your introduction should not use extensive formatting! Bold or italic text should be the maximum to be used.
Your introduction should not be longer than two or three lines.
If your introduction does not meet the above requirements your article will not be published!
  • To separate the introduction from the rest of the article you have to insert a Read more... separator by pressing the relevant button beneath the editor window. Everything above the separator will be treated as the introduction and everything below will only be visible when a reader selects to view your whole article.
  • No write your article. You can use all of the formatting features provided by the editor, but use them with care! You can also insert images and links to other articles or external web pages. Choose one of the documentation articles from the right to learn more about this.
  • If you have to suspend your work, you can use the Save as draft feature. The article will be added to your article list and you can go on editing it at a later time.
  • If you are finished writing your article and you would like it to be published, simply press the Post for Pending button.
Before posting an article you should ensure at least the following:
  • Read your complete article once again and correct any errors.
  • Check the spelling (the editor component includes a spell checker).
  • If you are submitting an article for the first time, it will not be immediately visible to other users -- you will only see it in your article list and you will receive an e-mail, that your article has been posted. One of the moderators will check your article and then it may either be published or rejected. In the latter case you will get the reason why it has been rejected. You can then rework the article and post it again until it will be published.
The moderator who will check your article will not really check the content. He will mainly ensure the following:
  • Is the article no spam?
  • Has the article a reasonable title?
  • Have you selected a reasonable section and category?
  • Is there an introduction and does it meet the requirements mentioned above?
The moderator will not check the correctness of your article's content.
  • No matter whether your article is published or rejected: In each case you will receive an automatic e-mail.
Note: Even after you have submitted your article, you will be always possible to overwork it.


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