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LyX participates in the Google Summer of Code PDF Print E-mail
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News - LaTeX Editors
Written by Stefan Kottwitz   
Friday, 12 April 2013 07:23

LyX has been accepted as a mentoring organization in Google Summer of Code (GSoC) 2013. Each summer, since 2005, Google awards stipends to students who successfully completed a free and open-source coding project during that summer - that's why the name, which was drawn from the 1967 Summer of Love.

In 2012, each stipend was 5,000 USD for the student and 500 USD for the mentoring organization, there were 180 projects and 1.212 stipends, 88% were successful. In 2013, 177 open source projects and organizations will take part.

That's a great opportunity to push the development of LyX. Developers can contribute new features while getting financial support during that time.

LyX combines the power of LaTeX with the comfort of a graphical interface. It lowers the barrier to enter the LaTeX world, and can speed up writing, depending on document type and way of writing, of course.

There are already some ideas for projects:

  • Layout editor: a GUI allowing the creation and customization of LyX layouts without requiring knowledge of the LyX internals
  • LyX support for bilingual (critical) text editions: integrated ledpar/ledmac support
  • LyX presentation mode: allowing to easily scroll through the slides within the interface of LyX's workarea
  • Improved XHTML export and ePub support: exporting ePub files from within LyX. This requires improving the existing XHTML support, such as controlling scaling and sampling during the export of images, and adding a user-interface for export options
  • UI Improvements and non-linear writing enhancements: a tool that capable of converting thoughts into a document, which can be used in an intuitive way, such as an outliner tool or movable yellow sticky notes.
  • Toolbar customization dialog: completing an existing prototype of a LyX dialog which allows easy creation and customization of toolbars
  • Horizontal scrollbar for tables and math: adding the missing UI feature of an automatically appearing horizontal scrollbar when the user is editing a table or math equation wider than the screen
  • HiDPI support: making the editing area ready for high resolution screens ("retina")
  • Advanced Find and Replace: improving the recently introduced featurewith a better design and in a more usable way
  • Interactive LyX: several users should be able to concurrently edit the same LyX document
  • LyX-enhanced Chat Client: a tool for exchanging LyX-enhanced rich text, also allowing copy and paste from and to LyX documents
  • Improved LyX-LaTeX round-trip conversions: preserving LyX constructs in exported LaTeX docs and restoring on re-import, improving collabration between LyX and LaTeX users

Do you have any idea for improving LyX? Is there any feature you miss? It would be great if you would send it to the lyx-devel mailing list, or simply write a comment below - we will take care that the developers will get this comments.

For further information, visit:


avatar CoolkcaH
CLSI support!
https://code.google.com/p/common-latex-se rvice-interface
avatar David HJ
I would love to have the ability to record my changes while not showing them in the UI (as in e.g. LibreOffice).
avatar Adrian Kieß
Very nice project ideas. I use LyX all the time. Hope some of it will get implemented.
avatar macgren
I was not aware of the information that LyX has participated in the Google summer of code. Great initiative by Google to encourage students for coding project.
http://anthonyknows.com/" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">anthonyknows.com
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