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Postby navtis » Sun Nov 18, 2012 10:33 pm

Background: I'm a very occasional user of LaTeX. My installation is via the gentoo packaging system and I'd rather keep it that way than start changing the internals of packages in ways I don't understand and then having to manage my own upgrades.

I need to produce a document with multiple very small in-line bibliographies within short sections, using a modified Harvard style for the citations. The best option for this seemed like multibib. However, the package fails to work with the Harvard package, I assume since the \cite{s} redefinitions are not recognised. As I read the manual it wouldn't work straight off with the natbib package either. I've seen the instructions for modifying styles to work with multibib in its documentation, but don't really understand them, and in any case would not want to be modifying packages, as I said above.

Is there a) any easy way to tell which available packages and styles will be compatible with multibib, or b) any better package for what I need than multibib? I've looked briefly at chapterbib, but the \cbunit instructions seem a bit horrendous.


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