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Page break after Bunch of Figures

Postby StupidPareBreak » Sun Apr 21, 2013 2:08 pm


I am new to using a forum for LaTeX so I'll try to do my best. Up til now I managed to fix all my problems by using a search engine, but this one is killing me.

I included some spectra that I used in my thesis, and for some odd reason, after the last figure, a blank page is included before starting the next subsection. Is there any way of just placing the next subsection on the next page, instead of having a blank page there.
  1. \begin{figure}[H]
  2. \centering
  3. \includegraphics[width=1.2\textwidth, angle=90]{figuren/Staal1A}
  4. \caption{Staal1}
  5. \label{fig:Staal1IR}
  6. \end{figure}
  8. \begin{figure}[H]
  9. \centering
  10. \includegraphics[width=1.2\textwidth, angle=90]{figuren/Staal1Ab}
  11. \caption{Staal2}
  12. \label{fig:Staal2IR}
  13. \end{figure}
  14. %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
  16. %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
  17. \subsection{MS}
  19. \begin{figure}[H]
  20. \centering
  21. \includegraphics[width=1.0\textwidth]{figuren/MSchloracetamide}
  22. \caption{Chloracetamide}
  23. \label{fig:ChloracetamideMS}
  24. \end{figure}

Note: The figures I inserted are 3/4 of a page each.

Thanks in advance!
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Postby Stefan Kottwitz » Sun Apr 21, 2013 2:38 pm


welcome to the forum!

Using the H option for figures is bad for page breaking, since it disables LaTeX's capability to let them float for optimal page breaks. If you want it very flexible and easy positioned, you could use !htbp instead. No wonder that there's a page break problem.

Regarding the problem in this situation: your code snippet doesn't tell much. There's no cause visible. For sure there's a clear explanation, but we need to see the whole situation. So, please post a Infominimal working example, which shows the problem and which we can test to verify and to fix it. This can be a reduced, but compilable copy of your original document with dummy figures and text.

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Postby localghost » Sun Apr 21, 2013 2:42 pm

StupidPareBreak wrote:[…] Note: The figures I inserted are 3/4 of a page each. […]

Besides the remarks of Stefan it is suggestive to put figures of such a size on their own page and prevent the placement of running text on these pages.
  1. \begin{figure}[!p]
  2. % figure content
  3. \end{figure}

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Postby StupidPareBreak » Sun Apr 21, 2013 5:24 pm

Thank you for the fast response! I managed to fix the problem by making the figure after the pagebreak a tiny bit smaller. Somehow that fixed the problem..

And my other figures I didn't use [H] but these spectra really had to be placed on that exact spot in that exact order.

Thanks again!

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