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TeX: '\settabs 2 \columns' produces obscene whitespace.

Postby cruisefx » Thu Mar 11, 2010 2:18 am

As an exercise in trying to learn TeX (not LaTeX, I know, but I don't know where else to go for help), I am trying to create my resume in TeX. I get to a point where I want to add in my employer and years employed in a 2 column table (without lines). However, whenever I specify two columns, I get a lot of whitespace between the Top and the Base of the document. What is going on here? It is taking up useful space, and I can't seem to get rid of it with \hfills and \vfills. Thanks.

\font\bigrm = cmr10 scaled \magstep 2
\font\smallrm = cmr10 scaled \magstep 1
\tolerance = 10000
\baselineskip = 1 pt
\centerline{\it Resume of X}
\hfil \break
\rightline{Phone: 555-555-5555}
\hfil \break
\rightline{Cell: 555-555-5555}
\hfil \break
\parskip = 0 pt
\parskip = 0 pt
\par I wish to work at this position. This is taking up some space.
\parskip = 0pt
\hfil \break \break
\item{(1)}asfasfd \it XXXX \rm
\item{(2)}sadf, \it XXXX \rm
\item{(3)}asdf, \it XXX \rm
\hfil \break \break
\item{(1)}Cert #1
\item{(2)}Cert #2
\hfil \break \break
\hsize = 8 in
\settabs 2 \columns
\+ \it \smallrm XXXX, Inc. (Baltimore, MD / Lancaster, PA) & June 2007 - Present \cr
\centerline{\bigrm Director}
\hfil \vfil \break \break

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