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Author-Year Citation in JasaTeX Template

Postby ennaor » Thu Oct 24, 2013 2:40 am

Hi all,

I am really new to LaTeX and I am trying to use the JasaTeX template to format my paper. Everything looks okay except my reference section. The References should indent the next lines after the first line for each citation, but its not. It's just a block of references. I am not sure how to fix this.

At the top of my document it shows:
  1. \documentclass[nopreprint, twocolumn, author-year]{jasatex}
  2. \bibliographystyle{jasaauthyear}

And at the bottom I have it linked to my .bib file:
  1. \bibliography{bwfeb2012}

I tried using TeXlipse and TeXworks and there is no difference, my references are still not formatting correctly. Any help is appreciated.
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