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No .bib and .bst Files in Tex Live 2011 (Windows 7)

Postby qariwa » Thu Nov 17, 2011 1:49 am

I have used Texlive successfully on Mac OS, and now I am trying to use it on Windows 7 Premium edition. It seems to be operating fine except that when I compile using bibtex (*.aux), it cannot find my bib or bst files. Yet I have put them at what I think are the canonical places:


I also have other copies in my own personal directory:

C:\Users\[My name]\Documents\texts\latex\bib

and I set the enviroment variable to include this file.

I have regularly used mktexlsr (both from the command line and tlmgr) and the output indicates it is updating the C:\texlive\2011\..\texmf-local directories. Yet, when I check, for ex:

kpsewhich psychology.bib

kpsewhich returns nothing.

What am I doing wrong? It should be a really easy matter, and I don't know why I am having such trouble.

Thanks in advance.

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